Johanne is a gifted Transformation Enabler with a passion for innovation both in human transformation and product development. Johanne’s mission is to continue to explore her potential and ability to realize breakthroughs in the potential of living organisms, non-living material, quality of life, and in doing so, contribute to the betterment of the human experience.

Johanne believes that Life Force is the catalyst that will help bring forth breakthroughs in human development, health and wellness, and scientific research and development that will change the world, as we know it today.

The world is transforming, humans are transforming and the discovery of a revolutionary natural phenomenon like the Trivedi Effect is in perfect timing. The need for effective, personalized solutions for health and healing are becoming clearer with every research paper written on the subject. The need for advanced materials; advanced solutions; technologies and products that are aligned with the needs of the people and the planet are becoming clearer with every daily news broadcast. The momentum of change as long started and the Trivedi Effect is set to show the world how it will help transform this challenging time of change into an exciting, revolutionary and transformative 21st century that will leave a lasting legacy for centuries to come.

All of her life, Johanne was in some way or another connected to nature and the creative processes of life. She was born on a 100-acre farm in the Lower Laurentian Mountains in Quebec, Canada and was gifted with the ability to develop a deep, natural connection to the source that created it all. Her most precious moments even today, are spent outdoors, in nature under the blue or night sky.

Johanne completed her Bachelor degree at Concordia University in 1988 and is now a successful Consultant in her field. Her career satisfied her calling to serve and to help organizations find solutions to challenges affecting their productivity and bottom line. Her work with different industries allowed her to interact with talented Subject Matter Experts from all levels of organization.

Although this work was interesting enough, there was always some force within Johanne that was constantly looking, asking for more meaning, more value. So, in parallel to developing her career she embarked on a spiritual journey. She searched and found a multitude of paths, spiritual practices, spiritual leaders, and authors. She began reading countless books, attended seminars, roamed the internet for webcasts, podcasts and blogs, tried different practices such as yoga, meditation, mindfulness and began seeking the insight of different mystical practitioners including Reiki masters, Taro Card Readers, Clairvoyants and other spiritual transformational leaders. She thought she was doing well because she felt some relief and gathered some basic information. In reality, what she found led to more confusion, more questions, and an even a deeper longing for truthful answers!

Johanne’s natural ability for healing stems from the lessons of life she learned all those years ago from her siblings’ young and old and the laws of nature that were so prevalent on the farm – something new and miraculous was ready to be experienced every day! The life skills she gained, the values she embraced, and the realization, understanding and experiencing first hand the basic laws of nature were foundational to her growth and are the legacy on which Johanne has based her life.

Johanne Dodon

When Johanne was introduced to Mr. Trivedi in March 2010 she immediately felt compelled to learn more and be involved in any way that she could with this mind-boggling phenomenon.

“After receiving my first ‘Energy Transmission’, I experienced the energy travelling through my body stopping and beginning again, decisively moving from one area to the other scanning, revitalizing and repairing my body, erasing from my life experience the nagging pain in my skull and hip. In time I also experienced a major shift in my perception that began to change my whole life. The level of TRUST in my own internal guidance system became unshakable.”

Johanne Dodon

As Johanne became aware of the Trivedi Effect and of the scientific proof that validated Mr. Trivedi’s ability to transform the cellular structure of living organisms, alter the atomic structure of non-living material and profoundly impact people’s lives, she understood that this was very different. She was fascinated with the 4,000+ science experiments involving plant, seeds, animals, genetics, microbes, metals, ceramics, polymers and chemicals that demonstrated Mr. Trivedi’s tenacity and drive to prove without a doubt his abilities.

Johanne was fascinated with the numerous case studies involving plants that documented impressive results, leading to high quality, 100% organic crops with increased yield by as much as 500% compared to control. She was amazed with the animals blessed by Mr. Trivedi that showed increased immunity, lower mortality rates and gave higher food production. Johanne realized that this was not only significant but a game changer for humanity and the planet. For a complete listing of the science experiments, please visit

“I am overflowing with hope that with the power of the Trivedi Effect, true solutions are possible that will impact our health, our lives and the way we live for a very long time to come. I believe that people are ready and looking for a better way. I believe that there are enough brilliant minds in our world that are looking for solutions to very important problems that will welcome the Trivedi Effect as a long awaited catalyst that will bring forth the opportunity to conduct true scientific discovery and innovation. I personally am looking forward to discovering what else my own abilities can do.”

Johanne dropped everything else in the spiritual industry and focused on the knowledge and wisdom imparted by Mr. Trivedi and strived to implement this new wisdom in her life. Johanne read the science publications that validated his work and potential. She focused on the Natural Phenomenon that she was experiencing through the Trivedi Effect blessings and the impact it was making on her growth and transformation.

Through the guidance and leadership of Mr. Trivedi, Johanne embarked on the life-changing journey that over time led her to further develop her own natural abilities and now, Johanne is a proud Trivedi Healer with several peer-reviewed scientific publications of her own.

In 2016 Johanne along with an elite group of Trivedi Healers participated in a group study that validated the ability of Trivedi Healers to harness, transmit and infuse Divine energy into living organisms and non-living materials from anywhere in the world through their thought intention. A multi-billion dollar research institute using internationally accepted standards with the most sophisticated research technologies available conducted the research. For the methodology, products used and results please visit the Science section of this website.

Working from the basis of the remarkable result from the group experiment, Johanne was guided to participate in a Skin Health study that validated her own unique abilities. From her home in Canada, Johanne harnessed, transmitted and infused Divine energy into a proprietary herbo-mineral formulation and cell culture medium. The aim of the study was to evaluate the effect of the Life Force energy infusion on various skin health parameters using various skin cell lines.

Johanne was thrilled to see the results that proved scientifically her abilities to infuse Life Force energy into materials and that through Divine grace were stimulated at the atomic level and inspired to unlock a different aspect of their characteristics, behavior and function. For the breakthrough results, the methodology and products used please visit the Science section of this website.