One of the biggest benefits that people are reporting from these Energy Enhancements is that, for the first time, they can envision and manifest their life’s purpose through a deep connection with the God of their understanding.

Johanne says: “It took time to let go of control of my perceived well planned, well established, perfect life purpose. Today I follow my internal guidance and trust I am on my path and as I stay flexible, it will become my life purpose.

I will move when I am guided to do so and if needed, do nothing at all. In the past, I felt very overwhelmed with all the information I was finding and attracting to myself and felt confused about what to do. I spent a lot of time trying to weigh the pros and cons and options. Today I trust that my guidance will let me know. When something resonates, I know that it will serve a purpose, so I follow it even though my brain does not agree… within no time I see the connection and the lesson, and I am always grateful. “