Although Johanne Dodon considers that knowledge is an important aspect of beginning the process of change, you need not do anything to receive this energy. During the Life Force Energy Enhancements, Johanne will use powerful thought intention and the energy will do its work with no extra effort on your part.

Johanne says: “This was one of my early questions. Although you are not obliged to do anything, I suggest you take this time to do something for yourself.

Remember what this is.  It is an energy force that is connecting you to your God that supports life on this earth and supports your life by all means. So, I suggest LIVING more.  Find what makes your heart sign and do that more often.  You will experience this energy supporting you in whatever you are doing.

I could recommend doing what I do, but it’s different for everyone.  For example, I find my most peaceful and energising moments in nature.  I love being in the forest, mountains, near lakes, rivers and streams.  This reflects my early life on a 100-acre farm where I spent countless hours pondering life by a rolling stream.   If I would ask someone else to do the same, they may feel very uncomfortable in that environment, they may get anxious or nervous.  It’s clear that every person has his/her own way to find peace. Some people find peace in cooking, or surfing, or playing music or painting or being in the city.  We all need to find our own preferences, likes and dislikes and that creates a special synergy that is the essence of what life is about.”