A healing may improve a particular ailment, however, increasing Life Force Energy in an individuals totality should restore individuals to their natural blueprint and transform their lives for their highest purposes. Although healing occurs as part of the process of transformation, this energy goes beyond the limited scope of “healing.” This energy transforms you for the next level, up to your limitless potential!

In several cases, recipients have unlocked hidden potential they never knew existed and began living to their optimal potential. While being aware of his extraordinary abilities, Johanne Dodon does not call herself a healer or claim medical affiliation of any sort. This energy connects you with your inner guidance system by deepening your connection to the God of your understanding. The grace of God takes care of everything else in your life.

Johanne says: “I see healing as trying to fix a manifested problem that the most complex system in existence, the human body has created. Most times people in the healing practice try to find the source of the problem and work to fix it. Although this is most times the right approach, it results in the manifestation finding a new location in the body.

With Life Force Energy, there is no need for diagnostic, no need for prognosis, analysis, judgement, or best guess work.

Also there are no specific instructions, commands or orders of any kind. The aim is to connect you to the God of your understanding that will know what, where, when, and how to make changes that will take into consideration all aspects of your life and will implement the best solution for you! “