Many people, who come for an Energy Enhancements with a need for a spiritual connection and guidance, report replacing persistent feelings of disillusionment or emptiness with a sense of deep inner peace. Many have reported spiritual awakenings, more intense or frequent spiritual experiences, and deeper, more profound meditation. This is because these Energy Transmissions clear blockages and connect you to the God of your understanding, or the source/universal intelligence that is the reservoir of peace. Mr. Trivedi says: “Your spirit knows your path. My job is to connect you to your inner guidance so that you have the ability to become a powerful magnet and effortlessly attract good health, wealth, enriching relationships, prosperity, your soul mate and the final life objective of every human on this planet.”
Johanne says: “This was my situation. When asked for a testimonial I always felt I did not have much to offer compared to other people because I have always been a healthy person and had no physiological issues that needed attention.”

“The most significant change I experienced following the Trivedi Effect Energy Transmissions was the change in my perception. Changing the way I looked at my life, at myself, at my relationships, at the world was a game changer for me. To see and accept every event good or bad as a life experience orchestrated with a level of knowledge and detail I cannot comprehend is life changing.”

“A few examples: My perception about trust: To learn to surrender and TRUST in my internal guidance and to KNOW as long as I follow Divine guidance that everything will be all right!”

“My perception about Patience: Understanding the power of patience. To understand that waiting for Divine alignment where everything is in perfect timing, in perfect harmony, aligned just for me is a beautiful way to live life.”