When someone witnesses and experiences the beauty, wholeness and power of masters such as Mahendra Kumar Trivedi, Gopal Nayak, Dahryn Trivedi or Alice Branton it is natural to ask what is the secret of their transformation. To become just like them is impossible for so many reasons. The beauty for all of us however, is that it is unnecessary to duplicate or replicate anyone. Life Force Energy is all we need to discover our own individual beauty, wholeness and power.

Johanne says: “This energy is allowing me to become the best version of myself and provides me all I need to develop my own qualities, strengths and potential. With the help of Mr. Trivedi and the Blessings from the Trivedi Effect, I found a transformed ME!

The energy provides me the drive to look for, the ability to find and the intelligence to recognize, and the courage and discipline to implement the knowledge, information, practices and techniques that are the most effective and key factors to my personal growth and transformation. The customized, Divine guidance responds to my needs and requirements at each stage of my transformation. I took a long time to realize this but following the path of my true self is the only “secret” to true, and lasting transformation. “