During the process of transformation, people elevate to new and higher levels of consciousness. When people elevate to the next level, some feel uncomfortable for a small period as they adjust with the new situation in their life. For example, if you are living in the dark and somebody turns on a light, your eyes need time to adjust with the environment of light. In the journey from darkness to light and from light to an even greater light, in every new situation, people feel a little discomfort while adjusting to their new environment and state of being. The discomfort during this period of change is what we call a “healing crisis” and will resolve itself over a short period.

Johanne says: “My experience with a “healing crisis” was manageable because I took the time as much as possible to rest and let the energy do its work. I also understood after a while that the “ego” does not like change and can cause havoc in our mind and body. My recommendation is to acknowledge any new feelings, emotions and let them play out if possible. So cry if you feel like crying, sleep if you feel like sleeping and take time alone in silence to be with yourself to enjoy the process. “