Life Force Energy is an invisible natural phenomenon that supports life on earth. For centuries, cultures around the world have known of Life Force Energy and have developed disciplines to enhance it.

The Trivedi Effect proves that Mr. Trivedi and the Trivedi Healers can harness Life Force Energy and transform the cellular structure of living organisms, alter atomic structure of non-living material and impact every aspect of a human’s life.

In recent years, the scientific community has become more capable of measuring the unseen and is becoming more receptive to natural phenomena they considered “woo-woo” items in the past. The scientific validation confirming the ability and results from harnessing and infusing Life Force Energy into living organisms and non-living material is solid.

To understand what harnessing Life Force Energy is, one can consider another phenomenon that exists in our world. Looking at the discovery and evolution of the Electric Current can provide an understanding and a realisation that although it is one of the most significant discoveries of mankind, it took 100 years and thousands of inventors, engineers and business people to implement, and still to this day, most people cannot explain what it is!

Like electricity, this phenomenon is an unexplainable, invisible force that do not have simple terms to explain; like the electric current, Life Force Energy is all around us, in nature and in the building blocks of life on this planet the Atom.

One known fact is that man-made machines cannot harness Life Force Energy.