The Innovate your Business Life program is designed to help anyone looking to improve and change their Business life. Women in business, professionals, entrepreneurs, artist, any business owner that needs a boost to activate the process of innovation in their Business life.

Johanne says: “My intention with the innovation program is twofold. I will bring forth key knowledge that will resonate with you as a person and a business owner at a deep level and will remind you of things you know but have forgotten.  And with Life Force Energy Enhancements, connect you and others that are closely involved in the business to the God of Your Understanding with the intention of enhancing the flow of Life Force Energy to inspire innovation in your Business.

Together we will complete a simple assessment that will help you take stock of where you are now and where you want to be in the main areas of your business.    The intention of the assessment is to help you understand the state of being of your business at this point in time.

Each week we will discuss new concepts that will help you understand the impact of Life Force Energy on our business and identify opportunities to innovate your business life you can implement right away!”