Johanne’s intention with the Innovation Programs is to bring forth key knowledge that will resonate at a profound level with the participants and act as a key reminder of those things they have FORGOTTEN.

The program is designed to innovate a person’s Personal Life, Business Life or the Life in a Research or Creative Project.

Johanne says: “I will know I was successful in reaching and helping the participants innovate their lives, business or projects if at the end of the programs they acknowledge that at some level – They knew all of that! Because really, nothing unknown is introduced in the programs.  And the teachings are simple reminders of the truth-based knowledge and natural universal laws that are innately known by all.

Like gravity… we do not have to teach our children to not float away or fall down when they trip; its natural.  It’s a natural aspect of our world and the teachings included in the programs will be easily understood and implement because they too are natural. “