The LFE Enhancements Support program for your loved ones or dependents is designed to help you support the people that depend on you. Caring for other can be taxing and although we want sincerely to help in many cases, we don’t really know what others truly need.

Johanne says: “My intention with this program is to Enhance the Life Force Energy in the person’s totality with the intention of connecting them to the God of their understanding that will know exactly what is required.

The monthly program is designed to help Parents, Caregivers and Well-Wishers provide daily support to young children and youth under the age of 19, elders that have reached the age of retirement and dependents that require support to function in the world.

Nothing else could bring that level of customized support to your loved ones.  Nothing external will happen but they will feel at a deep level the love, care, compassion, and will feel safe and less alone in their world.”