Johanne Dodon believes that the increase in Life Force Energy in an individual can have a powerful impact on imagination, true inspiration, creative thinking, and synergy. The proven ability of infusing Life Force Energy in living and non-living material and altering their structure is documented in over 4,000 experiments conducted by Mr. Trivedi and the Trivedi Effect. The Scientific community has also validated Johanne Dodon’ abilities. You can view the research in the science tab of this website.

What science validation is showing, is that the ability to change the atomic and structural properties and characteristics, change the material and leads to the opportunity to innovate and create new uses and applications.
The transformed materials have the potential to foster innovative research ideas and designs that were not possible before, resulting in revolutionary discoveries. Any innovation project working on finding new solutions to difficult problems can benefit.

Johanne Dodon’s vision is to play a cocreative role in the development and demonstration of innovative materials, products and technologies related to all areas of industry. Innovation initiatives that address challenges in climate change, clean air, clean water, clean soil, clean technology and next generation Bioenergy and biofuel are examples.
This energy allows the scientific minded experts to conduct true research and bring to the world new solutions that will stun their industry while being in harmony with the laws of nature, the people, the planet and our future.