While each experience is personal, and everyone feels benefits in different ways, it is important to remember that transformation is a process, not an event. 
People report great improvements in areas such as relationships, careers, health, emotional balance, sexual fulfillment, self-confidence, sleep patterns and finances, and the immediacy varies from person to person.

Johanne says: “For me, the benefits were immediate for certain ailments; and took several years for other areas of my life. What I can suggest is to take the time to list your current state in as much detail as possible. Include a rate of your level of wellness in all areas of your life with 0 being the worst and 10 the best. This will provide you with a benchmark to measure your progress later. The brain is quick at forgetting our discomforts and will not remember how bad it was as soon as we feel better. Most people do not put enough value to something like a good night sleep, less mind chatter or more inner peace. Scientific studies show that during sleep the brain shrinks to allow the lymphatic system to clean the brain. This helps remove deposits associated with diseases like Alzheimer’s. The benefits of less stress on the physical body are enormous and can impact every aspect of our lives.”