Who is Guruji Mahendra Trivedi and what is the Trivedi Effect®?2018-12-20T08:40:00-05:00

Guruji Mahendra Trivedi is an exceptionally gifted human being on this planet. Gifted at a young age, Guruji followed his Divine guidance to validate his gift through the rigour of Science. Today with over 4,000 scientific experiments and 350 publications in major international peer-reviewed scientist journals the Trivedi Effect continues to stun the scientific community by altering the molecular structure of living organisms and altering the atomic structure of non-living material across a wide range of disciplines.

To learn more about Mr. Trivedi, the Trivedi Effect® and the Science validating this phenomenon visit http://TrivediEffect.com.

What is Life Force Energy?2019-10-01T08:35:21-04:00

Life Force Energy is an invisible natural phenomenon that supports life on earth. For centuries, cultures around the world have known of Life Force Energy and have developed disciplines to enhance it.

The Trivedi Effect proves that Mr. Trivedi and the Trivedi Healers can harness Life Force Energy and transform the cellular structure of living organisms, alter atomic structure of non-living material and impact every aspect of a human’s life.

In recent years, the scientific community has become more capable of measuring the unseen and is becoming more receptive to natural phenomena they considered “woo-woo” items in the past. The scientific validation confirming the ability and results from harnessing and infusing Life Force Energy into living organisms and non-living material is solid.

To understand what harnessing Life Force Energy is, one can consider another phenomenon that exists in our world. Looking at the discovery and evolution of the Electric Current can provide an understanding and a realisation that although it is one of the most significant discoveries of mankind, it took 100 years and thousands of inventors, engineers and business people to implement, and still to this day, most people cannot explain what it is!

Like electricity, this phenomenon is an unexplainable, invisible force that do not have simple terms to explain; like the electric current, Life Force Energy is all around us, in nature and in the building blocks of life on this planet the Atom.

One known fact is that man-made machines cannot harness Life Force Energy.

What are Life Force Energy enhancements?2019-03-08T03:05:33-05:00

The term “Enhancement” related to Life Force Energy is equivalent to “Blessing” or, “to request of God the bestowal of Divine favour”.

A Life Force Energy Enhancement connects you to the God of your understanding with the intention of flowing life enhancing energy to your totality. The God of your understanding know exactly what you required at the moment and will do what is needed for you. Your God know you intimately and know what you require in every area of your life. Your physical, emotional, and spiritual life and everything you are experiencing in this world will be reached.

By nature, Life Force Energy Enhancements come from within you. Nothing external from you happens it is your own power that is activated, and nothing can be more personalized and more effective than that.

What do you mean by “innovate” your life?2018-12-20T08:42:36-05:00

By definition innovate means “to change something established, by introducing new methods, ideas, or products.”

For most people, it is difficult to figure out how to live a better, happier life. Based on well-established beliefs, a person may think to feel better all they need to do is to address a current health issue they are suffering from. They do not realize that manifested diseases are the symptoms of a condition that is usually difficult to identify. The root cause of dis-ease may be a toxic relationship or a job or a fear that stems from a long-forgotten trauma.

By innovating your life or opening to the possibility of changing your life for your better good, you allow the Energy to find the root cause of all your issues and find appropriate solutions for YOU. And because you change and evolve, the need you have today may differ from the need you will have in a few weeks, months or years.

How authentic is your gift?2019-10-31T05:32:07-04:00

You can find validation of this miraculous gift in the Trivedi Effect 4,000+ studies conducted by Mr. Trivedi, the founder of the Trivedi Effect. See the details in the 350+ peer reviewed scientific publications in 135+ countries and on the university library websites of over 3,500 universities worldwide including Harvard, MIT, Yale, Princeton, Penn State University, Cornell, Dartmouth, Brown, Columbia, Oxford and Cambridge and the National Institute of Health (NIH). Hundreds of thousands of people throughout the world have enjoyed this phenomenon and are enjoying its life-altering rewards. The science community has also accepted the transformational abilities of Johanne Dodon in several studies and published in peer-reviewed journals. See the science section of this website for details.

Johanne says: “What amazed me the most about Mr. Trivedi’s work is that being a respected spiritual master able to transform the lives of thousands of people was not enough. He wanted to have confirmation. He wanted to discover what else this energy, his gift could and couldn’t do. It is Mr. Trivedi’s curiosity, scientific mind and obedience that guided him to the scientific community and scientific validation.

Mr Trivedi is a sceptic man and was not content with a dozen or a hundred or a thousand, he conducted over 4,000 rigorous, laboratory-controlled experiments. He worked with scientists around the world to assess his capabilities on living organisms such as various plant life, trees, fungi, animals, bacteria, viruses, healthy and cancerous human cells; and on non-living materials including metals, ceramics, polymers and chemicals.

The vision, teaching method and rigour used by Mr. Trivedi to authenticate his capabilities are unprecedented and the unbelievable effort will eternalize Mr. Trivedi’s remarkable and historical legacy.”

Is there a secret to transformation with Life Force Energy?2018-12-20T08:44:07-05:00

When someone witnesses and experiences the beauty, wholeness and power of masters such as Mahendra Kumar Trivedi, Gopal Nayak, Dahryn Trivedi or Alice Branton it is natural to ask what is the secret of their transformation. To become just like them is impossible for so many reasons. The beauty for all of us however, is that it is unnecessary to duplicate or replicate anyone. Life Force Energy is all we need to discover our own individual beauty, wholeness and power.

Johanne says: “This energy is allowing me to become the best version of myself and provides me all I need to develop my own qualities, strengths and potential. With the help of Mr. Trivedi and the Blessings from the Trivedi Effect, I found a transformed ME!

The energy provides me the drive to look for, the ability to find and the intelligence to recognize, and the courage and discipline to implement the knowledge, information, practices and techniques that are the most effective and key factors to my personal growth and transformation. The customized, Divine guidance responds to my needs and requirements at each stage of my transformation. I took a long time to realize this but following the path of my true self is the only “secret” to true, and lasting transformation. “

What role can Life Force Energy play in business?2018-12-20T08:44:24-05:00

People create, build, and run businesses, and the success and failure of the business is in most cases related to the mindset, attitude, drive and will of the people in charge. Business entrepreneurial success stories abound and it is the lives of the business owner we read about and admire not the idea, product, process, service or technology the business produced.

Every individual has his or her own circumstances, conditions, and challenges and this will impact their business. The Life Force Energy Enhancements for business will focus on the people involved in the business, and this intelligent force, that has the power to create worlds knows your requirements.

What role can Life Force Energy play in research and development projects?2018-12-20T08:44:47-05:00

Johanne Dodon believes that the increase in Life Force Energy in an individual can have a powerful impact on imagination, true inspiration, creative thinking, and synergy. The proven ability of infusing Life Force Energy in living and non-living material and altering their structure is documented in over 4,000 experiments conducted by Mr. Trivedi and the Trivedi Effect. The Scientific community has also validated Johanne Dodon’ abilities. You can view the research in the science tab of this website.

What science validation is showing, is that the ability to change the atomic and structural properties and characteristics, change the material and leads to the opportunity to innovate and create new uses and applications.
The transformed materials have the potential to foster innovative research ideas and designs that were not possible before, resulting in revolutionary discoveries. Any innovation project working on finding new solutions to difficult problems can benefit.

Johanne Dodon’s vision is to play a cocreative role in the development and demonstration of innovative materials, products and technologies related to all areas of industry. Innovation initiatives that address challenges in climate change, clean air, clean water, clean soil, clean technology and next generation Bioenergy and biofuel are examples.
This energy allows the scientific minded experts to conduct true research and bring to the world new solutions that will stun their industry while being in harmony with the laws of nature, the people, the planet and our future.

Who can benefit from Life Force Energy enhancements?2018-12-20T08:45:25-05:00

Anyone can innovate their lives by increasing the Life Force Energy in their totality. Each individual, lives a unique experience and because we are all connected to the creative force that created us “the God of our understanding”, and because everyone is living a human experience in one-way or another, everyone will enjoy the energy enhancements provided by Johanne Dodon. Like changing a low speed dial-up access to the Internet to a high-speed connection, the benefit is not limited or dependent on the computer or electronic gadget, when connected, all will benefit.

What benefits can I expect from enhancing Life Force Energy?2019-10-01T08:36:26-04:00

Life Force Energy Enhancements can improve your Quality of Life by increasing your connection to the source of all creation. The intelligent energy knows what you require and will work on the root causes of the problem rather than what has manifested in your life!

It is not uncommon to misidentify the reasons for our suffering, unhappiness or inability to reach our highest potential. For example, a person may suffer from severe insomnia however, the energy, knowing that the root cause is an unhealthy work environment, will bring a new work opportunity that will naturally take care of the insomnia.

People have reported experiencing a variety of positive outcomes from enhancing the flow of Life Force Energy in their totality:


  • Enhanced energy levels

  • Deeper and more restful sleep

  • Less mind-chatter

  • More profound inner peace

  • Less fear from the future

  • Increased ability to focus

  • Improved clarity and memory

  • Higher level of self-confidence

  • Improved ability to handle stress

  • Ability to let go of the past

  • Shift in perception

  • Enhanced energy levels

  • Deeper and more restful sleep

  • Less mind-chatter

  • More profound inner peace

  • Less fear from the future

  • Increased ability to focus

  • Improved clarity and memory

  • Higher level of self-confidence

  • Improved ability to handle stress

  • Ability to let go of the past

  • Shift in perception


  • Ability to find occupational satisfaction

  • Increased ability to focus on tasks

  • Increase in productivity

  • Ability to attract the right clients and associates

  • Improvement in business relationships

  • Improved communication

  • Recognition by colleagues and family

  • Enthusiasm and inspiration at work


  • Improved financial perspective

  • Increased capacity to generate revenue

  • Ability to make better financial decisions

  • Ability to release negative money beliefs


  • Sexual fulfillment

  • Enhanced sex drive

  • Improved sexual performance

  • Stronger libido

  • Increased stamina


  • Improved Social Magnetism

  • Increase in charisma

  • More meaningful and loving relationships

  • Ability to feel compassion for others

  • Improved capacity to attract a soul mate


  • Ability to reach increased spiritual awakening

  • Ability to receive guidance from within

  • Deeper connection with Spirit

  • Discovery of innate gifts

  • Greater trust in own abilities

  • Increased desire for appreciation

  • Enhanced ability to quiet the mind in meditation.


  • Higher level of self confidence

  • Improved ability to handle social pressure

  • Increased ability to understand behavior

  • Increase ability to be caring


  • Increased flexibility to cope with situations

  • Improved ability to cope with others

  • Faster recovery from negative encounters

  • Ability to let go of the negative drama

Perhaps the biggest benefit that people are reporting is that, for the first time, they can realize and envision their life’s purpose through a deeper connection with the God of their understanding.

I have a healthy body and strong physiology—my needs are more spiritual. What will increasing Life Force Energy do for me?2018-12-20T08:46:18-05:00

Many people, who come for an Energy Enhancements with a need for a spiritual connection and guidance, report replacing persistent feelings of disillusionment or emptiness with a sense of deep inner peace. Many have reported spiritual awakenings, more intense or frequent spiritual experiences, and deeper, more profound meditation. This is because these Energy Transmissions clear blockages and connect you to the God of your understanding, or the source/universal intelligence that is the reservoir of peace. Mr. Trivedi says: “Your spirit knows your path. My job is to connect you to your inner guidance so that you have the ability to become a powerful magnet and effortlessly attract good health, wealth, enriching relationships, prosperity, your soul mate and the final life objective of every human on this planet.”
Johanne says: “This was my situation. When asked for a testimonial I always felt I did not have much to offer compared to other people because I have always been a healthy person and had no physiological issues that needed attention.”

“The most significant change I experienced following the Trivedi Effect Energy Transmissions was the change in my perception. Changing the way I looked at my life, at myself, at my relationships, at the world was a game changer for me. To see and accept every event good or bad as a life experience orchestrated with a level of knowledge and detail I cannot comprehend is life changing.”

“A few examples: My perception about trust: To learn to surrender and TRUST in my internal guidance and to KNOW as long as I follow Divine guidance that everything will be all right!”

“My perception about Patience: Understanding the power of patience. To understand that waiting for Divine alignment where everything is in perfect timing, in perfect harmony, aligned just for me is a beautiful way to live life.”

How are these increases in Life Force Energy different from healing?2018-12-20T08:46:35-05:00

A healing may improve a particular ailment, however, increasing Life Force Energy in an individuals totality should restore individuals to their natural blueprint and transform their lives for their highest purposes. Although healing occurs as part of the process of transformation, this energy goes beyond the limited scope of “healing.” This energy transforms you for the next level, up to your limitless potential!

In several cases, recipients have unlocked hidden potential they never knew existed and began living to their optimal potential. While being aware of his extraordinary abilities, Johanne Dodon does not call herself a healer or claim medical affiliation of any sort. This energy connects you with your inner guidance system by deepening your connection to the God of your understanding. The grace of God takes care of everything else in your life.

Johanne says: “I see healing as trying to fix a manifested problem that the most complex system in existence, the human body has created. Most times people in the healing practice try to find the source of the problem and work to fix it. Although this is most times the right approach, it results in the manifestation finding a new location in the body.

With Life Force Energy, there is no need for diagnostic, no need for prognosis, analysis, judgement, or best guess work.

Also there are no specific instructions, commands or orders of any kind. The aim is to connect you to the God of your understanding that will know what, where, when, and how to make changes that will take into consideration all aspects of your life and will implement the best solution for you! “

Are the results permanent?2018-12-20T08:46:59-05:00

Once this energy begins the work, it continues working for you and never “runs out.” After you receive your first Energy Enhancement, your personal connection with the God of your understanding will develop and will deepen as you move further along this path. The more you receive these Energy Enhancements, the more you will transform.

Johanne says: “My personal experience is that when I became more alert about my life, my environment and the existence and power of my internal guidance, there was no turning back- the results were permanent for sure! I love living my life in total confidence that if something comes up, it’s a good thing. I have also learned to be very thankful for things that do not happen as my brain requested, because I KNOW that at some level unknown to me at the time, it was not the right thing, or right time for me… Under those conditions, life becomes very, very good!”

Can a Life Force Energy enhancement tell me what my life purpose is?2018-12-20T08:47:19-05:00

One of the biggest benefits that people are reporting from these Energy Enhancements is that, for the first time, they can envision and manifest their life’s purpose through a deep connection with the God of their understanding.

Johanne says: “It took time to let go of control of my perceived well planned, well established, perfect life purpose. Today I follow my internal guidance and trust I am on my path and as I stay flexible, it will become my life purpose.

I will move when I am guided to do so and if needed, do nothing at all. In the past, I felt very overwhelmed with all the information I was finding and attracting to myself and felt confused about what to do. I spent a lot of time trying to weigh the pros and cons and options. Today I trust that my guidance will let me know. When something resonates, I know that it will serve a purpose, so I follow it even though my brain does not agree… within no time I see the connection and the lesson, and I am always grateful. “

Will I experience immediate benefits?2018-12-20T08:47:40-05:00

While each experience is personal, and everyone feels benefits in different ways, it is important to remember that transformation is a process, not an event. 
People report great improvements in areas such as relationships, careers, health, emotional balance, sexual fulfillment, self-confidence, sleep patterns and finances, and the immediacy varies from person to person.

Johanne says: “For me, the benefits were immediate for certain ailments; and took several years for other areas of my life. What I can suggest is to take the time to list your current state in as much detail as possible. Include a rate of your level of wellness in all areas of your life with 0 being the worst and 10 the best. This will provide you with a benchmark to measure your progress later. The brain is quick at forgetting our discomforts and will not remember how bad it was as soon as we feel better. Most people do not put enough value to something like a good night sleep, less mind chatter or more inner peace. Scientific studies show that during sleep the brain shrinks to allow the lymphatic system to clean the brain. This helps remove deposits associated with diseases like Alzheimer’s. The benefits of less stress on the physical body are enormous and can impact every aspect of our lives.”

What is the Ripple Effect?2018-12-20T08:48:27-05:00

The Ripple Effect describes the way this energy affects your environment and those around you. Often, people report that after receiving Life Force Energy Enhancements, their son or daughter got accepted to the University of their choice or their husband announced a promotion. There are many instances where people express that their relationships with their family members, friends and colleagues improve and flourish, or they felt greater compassion, love and affection towards others and towards humanity.

Johanne says: “The Life Force Energy Enhancements is energy, and people feel energy and react to it. Small children and animals experience this the most! “

Can Life Force Energy enhancements serve as a substitute for my doctor’s prescription?2018-12-20T08:48:47-05:00

Johanne claims no medical affiliations, and although she knows of reports of miraculous mental, emotional, physical and sexual health improvements, Johanne does not give medical advice or offer a substitute for prescribed medication. Please discuss any potential health-related decisions with your own personal medical practitioner.

Please read the Disclaimer provided on this website.

What do I need to do to prepare for receiving Life Force Energy enhancements?2018-12-20T08:49:03-05:00

Once you register for a Life Force Energy Enhancement or a program, you will receive an email explaining what you need to do to prepare yourself and what results to expect. Please read the document and email or call us with questions.
Email: Support@johannedodon.com
Phone: 1-(613) 701-9008

Johanne says: “Receiving an Energy Transmission is one of the most precious moments and I know that for me it has become a sacred time. In the event that anything disturbs you relax and know the energy will find you and that you will receive it as planned no matter what happens. “

Can I do anything to make the Life Force Energy enhancements more effective?2018-12-20T08:49:20-05:00

Although Johanne Dodon considers that knowledge is an important aspect of beginning the process of change, you need not do anything to receive this energy. During the Life Force Energy Enhancements, Johanne will use powerful thought intention and the energy will do its work with no extra effort on your part.

Johanne says: “This was one of my early questions. Although you are not obliged to do anything, I suggest you take this time to do something for yourself.

Remember what this is.  It is an energy force that is connecting you to your God that supports life on this earth and supports your life by all means. So, I suggest LIVING more.  Find what makes your heart sign and do that more often.  You will experience this energy supporting you in whatever you are doing.

I could recommend doing what I do, but it’s different for everyone.  For example, I find my most peaceful and energising moments in nature.  I love being in the forest, mountains, near lakes, rivers and streams.  This reflects my early life on a 100-acre farm where I spent countless hours pondering life by a rolling stream.   If I would ask someone else to do the same, they may feel very uncomfortable in that environment, they may get anxious or nervous.  It’s clear that every person has his/her own way to find peace. Some people find peace in cooking, or surfing, or playing music or painting or being in the city.  We all need to find our own preferences, likes and dislikes and that creates a special synergy that is the essence of what life is about.”

What should I do during the Life Force Energy enhancements I receive during sleep?2018-12-20T08:49:53-05:00

Nothing. Go to sleep. It does not matter where or when. During your sleep, you will receive the Life Force Energy Enhancement. It’s that easy!

I had a Life Force Energy enhancement and don’t feel different. Is it working?2018-12-20T08:50:16-05:00

Everyone transforms in their unique way and feels the benefits in different ways and at different times. You may not even realize the results! It is important to remember that transformation is a process and not an event.

Johanne says: “I received my first energy transmissions (Trivedi Effect®) through a remote live broadcast and it felt very, very different. The energy bypassed all the “usual” elements of my human conditions and went to my core to nourish and elevate by all means. I felt that the energy was addressing my whole life and body in a way I could never accomplish on my own. I felt immediate improvements in the pain in my skull, hip and joints. The heart palpitations vanished and after a short time, I felt significant improvement in my Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS), Varicose Veins, problem sleeping, vaginal dryness, and noticed a complete and fundamental change in my perception that reduced negative mind chatter, fear of the future and improved my focus, memory, productivity and overall happiness.

Since 2010 I have received hundreds of Trivedi Effect blessings from Mahendra Kumar Trivedi, Dahryn Trivedi, Gopal Nayak, and Alice Branton.”

What is healing crisis?2018-12-20T09:08:05-05:00

During the process of transformation, people elevate to new and higher levels of consciousness. When people elevate to the next level, some feel uncomfortable for a small period as they adjust with the new situation in their life. For example, if you are living in the dark and somebody turns on a light, your eyes need time to adjust with the environment of light. In the journey from darkness to light and from light to an even greater light, in every new situation, people feel a little discomfort while adjusting to their new environment and state of being. The discomfort during this period of change is what we call a “healing crisis” and will resolve itself over a short period.

Johanne says: “My experience with a “healing crisis” was manageable because I took the time as much as possible to rest and let the energy do its work. I also understood after a while that the “ego” does not like change and can cause havoc in our mind and body. My recommendation is to acknowledge any new feelings, emotions and let them play out if possible. So cry if you feel like crying, sleep if you feel like sleeping and take time alone in silence to be with yourself to enjoy the process. “

What is your intention with the Innovation Programs?2019-03-18T03:18:53-04:00

Johanne’s intention with the Innovation Programs is to bring forth key knowledge that will resonate at a profound level with the participants and act as a key reminder of those things they have FORGOTTEN.

The program is designed to innovate a person’s Personal Life, Business Life or the Life in a Research or Creative Project.

Johanne says: “I will know I was successful in reaching and helping the participants innovate their lives, business or projects if at the end of the programs they acknowledge that at some level – They knew all of that! Because really, nothing unknown is introduced in the programs.  And the teachings are simple reminders of the truth-based knowledge and natural universal laws that are innately known by all.

Like gravity… we do not have to teach our children to not float away or fall down when they trip; its natural.  It’s a natural aspect of our world and the teachings included in the programs will be easily understood and implement because they too are natural. “

What is the Innovate your Personal Life Program?2018-12-20T09:09:28-05:00

The Innovate your Personal Life Program is designed to help anyone looking to improve and change their life. Women in business, professionals, entrepreneurs, artist, parents, people starting the new journey of retirement, a new life path, or simply needing that boost to activate the process of innovation in their life.

Johanne says: “My intention with the innovation program is twofold. I will bring forth key knowledge that will resonate with you at a deep level and will remind you of things you know but have forgotten. And with Life Force Energy Enhancements, connect you to the God of Your Understanding with the intention of enhancing the flow of Life Force Energy in your totality to inspire innovation in your life.”

What is the Innovate your Business Life Program?2018-12-20T09:09:54-05:00

The Innovate your Business Life program is designed to help anyone looking to improve and change their Business life. Women in business, professionals, entrepreneurs, artist, any business owner that needs a boost to activate the process of innovation in their Business life.

Johanne says: “My intention with the innovation program is twofold. I will bring forth key knowledge that will resonate with you as a person and a business owner at a deep level and will remind you of things you know but have forgotten.  And with Life Force Energy Enhancements, connect you and others that are closely involved in the business to the God of Your Understanding with the intention of enhancing the flow of Life Force Energy to inspire innovation in your Business.

Together we will complete a simple assessment that will help you take stock of where you are now and where you want to be in the main areas of your business.    The intention of the assessment is to help you understand the state of being of your business at this point in time.

Each week we will discuss new concepts that will help you understand the impact of Life Force Energy on our business and identify opportunities to innovate your business life you can implement right away!”

What is the Innovate your Research or Creative Project Program?2018-12-20T09:10:08-05:00

The Innovate Your Research or Creative Project program is designed to help anyone looking to introduce an innovative option and potentially chatter old ideas and paradigms and bring new life into research and creative projects.

Johanne says: “Research has validated the innovative option I offer and is based on the work of Guruji Mahendra Trivedi that is extensively documented on the Trivedi Effect website.  Over 4,000 studies and over 350 Peer Reviewed scientific publications officially validate Mr. Trivedi’s ability to transform the molecular structure of living organisms and alter the atomic structure of non-living material changing their characteristics.

My own publications can be accessed under the Science section of my website. I cannot help becoming extremely hopeful when I contemplate the possibilities that altering the atomic structure of materials can bring.  The possibilities are limited only to the imagination or the advanced innovators of our world. “

What is your intention with the Enhancement Programs?2018-12-20T09:10:18-05:00

The Life Force Energy Enhancement Programs are designed to connect individuals to the God of their understanding and enhance the flow of Life Force Energy in their totality to improve Quality of Life. Three levels are available: one time only, once per week program and a daily program.

Nothing is more personalized and effective than enhancing the flow of Life Force Energy in a person’s totality! You will find the Life Force Energy Enhancements simple and easy to receive anywhere around the world.

The Energy Enhancements will be provided during sleep when you are the most receptive.

What is the LFE Enhancements Singles (Level 1) program?2019-03-26T11:46:40-04:00

The LFE Enhancements Level 1 program is designed to help you in a time of a specific need.  These are one time LFE Enhancements that connect you to the God of Your Understanding and ask for support in whatever you are doing or for whatever you need at this time.

It can be for an important date, a critical business meeting, before a scheduled surgery or treatment, before a job interview, a wedding, funeral, after an accident or life-threatening event, a vacation, exam, or a one time boost just for you!

Nothing and no one can provide the support you will receive from the God of Your Understanding in a time of need.

What is your intention with the Life Force Energy Support Program for Dependents?2019-03-19T08:22:32-04:00

The LFE Enhancements Support program for your loved ones or dependents is designed to help you support the people that depend on you. Caring for other can be taxing and although we want sincerely to help in many cases, we don’t really know what others truly need.

Johanne says: “My intention with this program is to Enhance the Life Force Energy in the person’s totality with the intention of connecting them to the God of their understanding that will know exactly what is required.

The monthly program is designed to help Parents, Caregivers and Well-Wishers provide daily support to young children and youth under the age of 19, elders that have reached the age of retirement and dependents that require support to function in the world.

Nothing else could bring that level of customized support to your loved ones.  Nothing external will happen but they will feel at a deep level the love, care, compassion, and will feel safe and less alone in their world.”

What is your Life Force Energy enhancement program for pets?2018-12-20T09:10:52-05:00

Pets are an important part of our lives and we want to support them when they are not well or aging.

The Life Force Energy enhancement program will connect them to their creator on a daily basis and will support them in whatever way they need.  The intelligent energy knows what is required and pets are sensitive to energy and will receive it with ease.

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