Hi, I’m Johanne Dodon welcome to part 1 of the “Foundational Topics” of the Life Force Energy Knowledge series. I want to begin this series by taking the time to build a foundational understanding of Life Force Energy.

My beloved teacher Guruji Mahendra Trivedi explained Life Force on many occasions and my intention is to give you my interpretation of the wisdom and knowledge he shared and also to share my understanding based on my life experience and observations.

Scientific validation

First, you may know I have scientific validation that proves I can harness “Life Force Energy” and infuse it into living organisms and non-living materials located across the world. The results show changes in characteristics of materials that are known to be unchangeable. I consider this miraculous and only possible through Divine intervention.

Over 4,000 laboratory experiments were conducted by Mr. Trivedi to show the impact of Divine energy on living organisms and non-living material. The Trivedi Effect website lists publications and case studies involving plants, animals, bacteria, viruses, cells, chemicals, metals, and much more. The website also contains the publications of Trivedi Healers that also conducted laboratory, controlled experiments with amazing results.

The experiments I conducted were extraordinary to me. I can explain how they were conducted, the materials used and how I felt when I connected to my God. This I am certain of. What I cannot explain however, is what caused the characteristics in the materials to change and how this happened. This proven ability did not come with a user guide, instruction manual, Standard Operating Procedure, or technical support. All I can say, is that through my thought intention, I can connect to a higher creative power, cause a change in the “Life Force Energy” of living organisms and materials located across the world, and the impact of this phenomenon, science acknowledged and accepted.

I consider this a miracle, a natural phenomenon, and a gift given by God. The accomplishments, transformations or alterations accomplished with this gift I consider a gift from God to humanity. The inconceivable possibilities for advancement that this phenomenon brings are a miracle, and it is the discovery of useful applications of this natural phenomenon that will transform individuals and the world we know today to their next highest potential.

What scientists are saying!

It was so inspiring for me to read the “Atomic Transformation”, a paper written by Dr. Rustum Roy a physicist and professor from Penn State University regarding one of the early experiments conducted by Mr. Trivedi. The experiment proved for the first time, to the surprise of the science community that a God-made machine (Mr. Trivedi) could alter the structure of the atom – as Dr. Roy explained, “With the help of manmade machines, humankind has never been able to successfully alter the atomic structure.”

Dr. Roy so eloquently described the view of science related to energy and the divide that exists between science and religion regarding a creative force that created the atom–the smallest and most basic building block of life, and the possibility that the Creator could alter it as it created it.

In the implementation section of the paper Dr. Roy explains “.. there is unlimited potential for this energy to transform nearly everything on this planet, which will further reflect in the recipient’s or material’s behavior and characteristics. This can lead to the creation of more uses and applications for old materials that may have never been thought of before.”

In recent years, the scientific community has become more capable of measuring the unseen and is becoming more receptive to natural phenomena that in the past were “woo-woo” items. The scientific validation that confirms that Life Force Energy can be harnessed and infused into living organisms and non-living material is solid thanks to the unprecedented dedication of Mr. Trivedi and the thousands of experiments he conducted. A quote that sums up the Trivedi Effect and Life Force Energy: “Difficult to believe but impossible to deny!”

Other scientists from around the world are continuing to be stunned when they see the unbelievable results of experiments in areas such as Agriculture, Biotechnology, Cancer, Microbiology, Genetics, Pharmaceuticals, Material Science, Livestock and others specific studies including Cell Biology, Skin Health, Nutraceuticals and many more.

Unexplainable phenomena

Anyone can observe the power of the unexplainable phenomena in our world. The synergy of the elements that make up our environment, the complex processes in our bodies and in nature, the complexity of the brain, the magic of snow flakes and rain or the power of a hurricane, forest fire or earth quake. Everything from watching a seed transform, contemplating the beauty and perfection of the fauna and flora of our world, the colors of the sun set, all are extraordinary acts of creation, inconceivable imagination, intelligence beyond human comprehension and miracles for us to experience and enjoy.

Consider magnetism, gravity, ocean currents, and another natural phenomenon I believe is a great example–the discovery of the electric current that gave us electricity. Man did not invent electricity, man discovered it, and it took over100 years, thousands of scientists, inventors, engineers and business people to implement electricity and bring us the modern world we enjoy today. We all enjoy the convenience, we enjoy the diversity of things we can power with it, we understand the power enough to know we sometimes need to fear it, and yet few people can explain it.

I believe subjects like phenomena and Life Force Energy are topics of the soul more than of the brain. By taking the time to observe, contemplate and experience the natural processes in life, and realize how everything is connected, the confusion dissipates and makes way for a more natural, holistic view and understanding of the limitless ingenuity and potential of life on this planet!

Ancient practices

Chinese medicine and life long disciplines combine movement, meditation, and controlled breathing to enhance the vital energy or life force (Qi) of an individual. These ancient practices have recognized for centuries that Life Fore Energy exists to keep a person’s spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical health in balance. I believe these practices keep the Life Force Energy flowing and in harmony with the body and in doing so create an environment where no unwanted condition can exist.

A big picture view

  • Let’s imagine for a moment that Life Force Energy is a force that supports life as we know it. To examine this a little closer, lets break it down:
    The life of Planet Earth itself is possible because by some miracle it is rotating in perfect proximity to other planets and perfect distance from the sun;

  • Life as we know it is possible on Planet Earth. By some miracle, the planet is self sufficient, it is a closed system and yet there are no resources being trucked in from other planets–the planet feeds itself, heals itself, transforms, ages, and is a living breathing system;
  • Living organisms, like our human body are miracles. The countless biological processes, organs, and systems that are so intricate and complex and involve incomprehensible levels of communication, cooperation, synergy and balance and yet come natural to us. Breathing, heart beating, blood circulating, food digesting, cells replicating and cell dying, thinking, you get the idea…

  • Now down to the building blocks of life–the Atom. There are 100 trillion atoms in a human cell. Interestingly, the number of cells in the human body is around the same number. Science has recognized that an atom is mainly composed of space and people with high intelligence are trying to identify and name it. Although I am not a scientist, for me, the space is Energy, Life Force Energy.

So from this perspective you can see how it is easy for me to postulate that Life Force Energy is in everything and that there must be at some level intelligence that governs over it all – let it be a creative energy, a source, or a God. I believe it is this connection, communication and interaction or lack of it that brings joyful, fulfilled, creative, meaningful lives that fewer and fewer people are enjoying. And the lack brings lifeless, empty, disease infested existences that plague humanity.

The gift of intelligence and the capacity to think, decide and make choices, combined with our belief systems, complex emotional system, physical environment and associations shape our lives and these factors either propel us to or keep us from reaching our full potential as human beings.

What can Life Force Energy do for you?

Based on the premise that the building block of life–the Atom is mainly composed of energy (Life Force Energy), then the assumption that Life Force Energy is everywhere and is in everything stands. It is life!

Life Force Energy is the main element in the process of nutrition. Without Life Force our food has little use, it would have no nutrition. For example, you have noticed I am certain the difference you feel after eating a fresh salad with live vegetables compared to a processed hot dog with fries. The reason it feels different is Life Force Energy.

Another example, compare a weekend watching TV shows and experiencing solemn wonder when in nature, the goose bumps we feel when we are in awe of the beauty of a spectacular view. These feelings we get from these kinds of experiences can stay with us for days. So at many levels our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies respond to the presence or absence of Life Force Energy in our lives.

What I find the most beautiful about Life Force Energy is how it brings people and everything back to their own healing and creative power. As a Healer, I love to focus on a person’s connection to the “God of their understanding” and watch the pipe unclog so to speak and see them transform into the brilliant creators they are. It satisfies me to KNOW the Energy will always respond to the person’s TRUE desire–not my interpretation of it – and that it will manifest in the timing and circumstances that suits their needs. And best of all, this Energy applies to everything without exception.

It is my firm conviction that Life Force Energy to human life is what electricity is to the light bulb- it’s what turns it on!

Till next time!