My intention in this blog is to shed light on the difference between two seemingly similar conditions: Loneliness and Aloneness.

Several studies 1 show that the state of loneliness is becoming an epidemic in our society and that chronic loneliness is dreadfully damaging to people’s mental and physical well-being.2 Loneliness contributes to the most dreaded diseases such as heart disease, stroke, lung, cardiovascular diseases and obesity to name a few. The level of loneliness can also predict other conditions a patient will suffers including depression, stress and anxiety. BBC News, in their article “Loneliness – Hidden killer of elderly” shed light on this issue by bringing forth the work of charities that are launching Campaigns to “End Loneliness”.3 The heavy toll loneliness is taking on society and what it means for the aging population is inspiring more and more researchers to investigate the topic.4

Researchers also found that not all forms of solitude are detrimental to our health. For example, desired solitude achieved using Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) can contribute to a person’s wellbeing.5

Loneliness is perceived to be a feeling of emptiness, a void created by the absence of another, that only another person can fill.
For example, taking elders out of seclusion and into communities are social models that in most cases increase their Quality of Life and Well-being.
Aloneness on the other hand, is a state of being that requires no external support. It is a state of wanting to be alone to reach a peaceful place within.
No other person is required or welcomed during this process.





“I want to go home!”.

During an unhappy time of my life, I remember saying on my occasions “I want to go home!”. I would say even when I was in my home! So, what was that? Why would I say that?
I believe that the unhappiness combined with the increasing levels of stress I was living, was driving me further and further from my natural state of well-being, from “My Divine Source”. And I was missing it without understanding what I was feeling.

If we consider for a moment, we come from a non-physical place of pure love, well-being, peace, clarity, free from any physical limitations, no wonder we suffer when the GAP between that place and the life we are living becomes wider and wider. The contrast is hard to live.

I was missing my true nature; my true self and I wanted to go home to that state of aloneness where I could connect to the God of my understanding and feel home again.
Most days to a certain extent, we are all okay with experiencing human life in this physical environment with all of its contrasting colors. However, when it gets too crazy, too hard, we don’t want to play anymore, and we miss home!

Several times during the energy transmissions provided by Mahendra Kumar Trivedi, tears rolled down my face with no clear reason. The feeling was something greater than joy, greater than happiness. It felt like, finally coming home after a long hard journey.


The feeling is difficult to describe in words, I can only compare it to a happy child or what the feeling would be to reunite with Divine Energy – that pure, non-physical, enveloping, true, unconditional love!


The Trivedi Effect allowed me to experience that wonderful feeling that in my experience, nothing else or no-one else can match!

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