As I learned about to “Compassion Fatigue” which is a phrase that is becoming more popular in the healthcare and caregiving professions. I could not help but wonder if passionate Women Entrepreneurs were suffering the same plight! Could they be suffering from Passion Fatigue!

First, let’s understand “Compassion Fatigue.  It was first used in 1992 by a nurse, C. Joinson, who did a study on “burnout” among nurses working in emergency room settings. She referred to Compassion Fatigue as “the loss of the ability to nurture.”[1] While many factors can lead to stress in the nursing workplace – long hours, understaffing because of fiscal issues, poor leadership and communication, lack of nursing empowerment and autonomy in practice – these are all related to “burnout,” and is more related to the workplace environment.

Burnout, which develops over time, if left unattended, can lend itself to develop Compassion Fatigue. CF is more understood as a “loss of self” and defined as an emotional state with negative physical and psychological consequences because of acute or prolonged caregiving of patients with intense trauma, suffering or misfortune. In CF, boundaries between nurse and patient can become blurred, and the caregiver absorbs the distress, anxiety, fears and trauma. The cumulative effects of this can lead to a serious negative impact on the physical, emotional, social, professional and financial health of the caregiver.[2]

Nursing is the Science of Care. It is a relationship-based, where nurturance, compassion, and empathy are at the core of ethical nursing practice. It is these qualities that draw nurses into the profession, allowing them to express their innate gifts and strengths.

In his 1996 book, Compassion: the Core Value that Animates Psychotherapy[3], Roger A. Lewin describes compassion in a caregiver as a complex emotion that allows caregivers to hold and sustain themselves in emotional balance while holding patients’ despair in one hand and their hopefulness in the other.

However, if this balance for oneself in neglected, and if self-review, self-reflection and strong support systems disappear, it can make nurses more vulnerable to CF, in particular for those working in environments like intensive care, burn and trauma units, emergency departments, and oncology.

The ongoing witnessing of severe trauma, both emotional and physical, to both adults and children, takes its toll. If a Nurse is not able to process and release what gets activated in her, it can often result in cumulative grief, fear, and anxiety, which triggers her own type of trauma.


The following are the symptoms identified for Compassion Fatigue[4]


Now let’s compare the symptoms of a Woman Entrepreneur.


Both professions are very different and deal with very different situations. I would burn out after one week as a Nurse; I could not handle the high level of emotions and trauma.

The observation here is that although the work is different, the consequence of unprotected passion is similar.

In her January 2009 contribution to the Oncology Nursing forum, Nancy Jo Bush, RN, MN, MA, suggests that only when nurses take time to care for themselves can they be available to caring for another. While she suggests that most nurses know that preventative self-care includes exercising, relaxation, adequate sleep, healthy nutrition and reaching out to others for support, she also asks, “Why is this so difficult to maintain on an ongoing basis?” She suggests that maybe these strategies are too simplistic and do not touch upon the deep spiritual needs essential to real self-care. She suggests that people suffering from Compassion Fatigue “must begin with care for, protection of, and healing of the spirit.”[5]

The similarity between Nurses and Women Entrepreneurs became even more clear when Bush described how caregivers that are caring, have ideals, drive, commitment and motivation to do their work, often are the first to suffer from burn out.



“The flame that burns Twice as bright burns half as long.”

 Lao Tzu, Te Tao Ching


When a Woman Entrepreneur starts her own business, she does it for several reason according to a Forbes article “Why More Women are Turning to Entrepreneurship”[6].  The list includes 5 reasons:

Have more flexibility,

  1. Charge what she is worth,
  2. Have more control over her future,
  3. Advance more, and
  4. Follow her passion.

This article ends by saying:

“After all, it feels better to fail at something you love than succeed at something that you don’t care about”. 

Not mentioned is the profound pain, guilt, shame and sorrow the Women Entrepreneur feels when she experiences the failure of her business. Most times she will give up only after being in a state of burn out for a long time.  Her deep desire to succeed, to prove that she can, to live her dream of living a life for herself and her family she believes she should, is suffering that breaks her heart and bring deep sadness to her spirit!

It is important to remember that humans – Nurses and Woman Entrepreneurs alike, and all of life on this planet, exists within an interconnected Universal Energy Field that cares for us and will provide if we allow it.

As professionals, it is our responsibility to bring passion and caring to the center of our lives, listen to our internal guidance and care enough to follow the guidelines and put ourselves first!

Again, putting oneself first is not an easy task.  The good news is that there is help.  There is a scientific, evidence-based phenomenon known as the Trivedi Effect®, that can transform the cellular structure of living organisms, alter atomic structure of non-living material, and revolutionize an individual’s life. The power and potency of the Trivedi Effect® lies within the timeless relationship between the Creator and the Created.

The Trivedi Effect®, established by Mahendra Trivedi, an enlightened and gifted human being, connects a person to the “God of their Understanding” and boosts the connection to the Intelligent Life Force Energy that knows what the recipient needs for their healing, protection, regeneration, happiness and evolution.

This new science is of great importance because the current science has no method to measure, understand and treat symptoms related to emotions, feelings, compassion and love.

World-class scientists from around the globe continue to take part in this new scientific research. Scientists are only beginning to understand the miraculous nature of the Trivedi Effect® for optimizing the potential of humans, plants, trees, animals, minerals, and metals.[7]

The following are Health Benefits documented during over 6,000 studies.

Care Givers and Women Entrepreneurs can envoy similar benefits with Enhancing the Flow of Life Force Energy in their totality:[8]


150% Brain serotonin level improved 150% Memory & cognition improved
100% improvement in Mood & stamina 100% Increase in antioxidant level
70% Learning capacity improved 60% Decrease in anxiety & depression
180% Oxidative stress reduced >60% Increase in anti-aging protein
130% Anti-stress enzymes increased 100% Improvement in the defense system
75% Decrease in body inflammation 120% Detoxification process increased
65% Serotonin level maintained > 50% Relief in loose motion & colon pain
60% Cortisol level decreased > 50% Reduction in gut ulcer & bleeding
45% Colon inflammation decreased > 55% Liver cells function improved
100% Improvement of antioxidant enzymes 50% Improvement of good bacterial colony
> 80% Neurotransmitter level maintained 45% Decrease in liver cell inflammation
> 80% Decrease in body inflammation > 55% Cholesterol regulation improved
> 60% Immunity improved > 65% Lung cells function improved
60% Decrease in stress hormone level > 60% Cardiac cells function improved


Beyond these incredible results, so many individuals have reported increased joy, prosperity in finances, clarity and rigor of mind, increased capacity to maintain high energy levels throughout each day, increased productivity with successful outcomes, healing and fulfillment in relationship and sexual capacity, increased opportunities with upgrades in satisfying work, release of what has been toxic in terms of relationships, better living and working situations, increased calmness and decreased fear of the future, release of anxieties and worries, improved and nourishing sleep, increased alertness and awareness, a profound sense of gratitude in the day to day, satisfaction with life, growth in consciousness and deeper appreciation of their spirit.[9]

Caring, compassion and passion are qualities needed now more than ever before in our world.  Women must express these precious human qualities without suffering from any form of fatigue Compassion or Passion. To accomplish this, it is my belief that the new science will align for these courageous people the support needed in order for them to feel energized and fulfilled rather than fatigued from expressing their compassion and passion in this world.


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