Life Force Energy Enhancement Programs

Johanne designed the Life Force Energy Enhancement Programs to connect you to the God of your understanding and enhance the flow of Life Force Energy in your totality to improve your Quality of Life.

Everyone has his or her own circumstances, conditions, and challenges. The beauty and power of connecting to the God of your understanding is that this intelligent force knows what you require in every area of your life including your physical, mental, emotional, social, financial and spiritual life.

By nature, Life Force Energy is present in everyone and everything: it gives us life! For reasons known and unknown however, many people have pinched themselves off of this natural flow and this causes much suffering in life.

Johanne introduces nothing external from you during the Enhancement Programs. The enhanced connection to the God of your understanding activates your own natural power, similar to accessing the internet from a Broadband connection like Fiber or High speed rather than Dial-Up.

Nothing is more personalized and effective than enhancing the flow of Life Force Energy in your Totality!

You will find the Life Force Energy Enhancements simple and easy to receive anywhere around the world.

The Energy Enhancements will come to you during your sleep when you are the most receptive.


  • Assessment of the request

  • Life Force Energy Enhancements based on the level selected

  • Follow-up call with Johanne

Level 1- One time Energy Enhancement

The Level 1 program assists you in a time of a specific need to help boost confidence, reduce stress, make clear decisions, or assist your body in a time of need. A one time energy enhancement can support you in life events such as; an important date, a critical business meeting, before a job interview, surgery or treatment, before a wedding, funeral, or after an accident or life-threatening event, a vacation, exam, or a one time boost just for you! Nothing and no one can provide the level of support you will receive from the God of Your Understanding during your time of need.


Enhancement Level 1


Level 2- Energy Enhancements received once per week

The Level 2 program assists you in whatever you are doing by improving your quality of sleep, energy level, ability to concentrate, your ability to deal with stress, anxiety, depression, and improving your mood and general outlook on life.

$750.00 / Month

Enhancement Level 2

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Level 3- Energy Enhancements received daily – Best Results

The Level 3 daily program is the program that can bring the best results in your life. It offers an effective solution for those committed to the fastest growth in every area of their lives. Daily Life Force Energy Enhancements provide everything listed in the Level 2 and will improve your Quality of Life in all areas of your life including physical, mental, emotional, social, financial and spiritual. The intelligent energy knows what you need when you need it. This is the program that has the potential of bringing true transformation in your life!

$2000.00 / Month

Enhancement Level 3

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After 5 years in business, for many reasons, it was time to let go and find a way to close the business and move on. Johanne explained to me that she could send the Business and me an Energy Transmission and that the Energy would help make whatever needed to happen easier and in my best interest. It’s like the Energy shined a light on everything involved in the business and within no time, the business had a new owner and I was relieved to move on with my life.  My husband also noticed the change in my attitude and mood.

Stella L. , Help with Business

In late September 2013 I was in the hospital for a routine operation.  A few days later my leg started to feel very sore and the doctor told me that it was a blood clot and without proper treatment it could be fatal. I called Johanne to explain the situation to her and she immediately suggested that she perform an Energy Transmission on me right away. A few days later I saw my doctor and he confirmed that the clot was stable and that I would be fine.

Rachel L. , Blood Clot

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