After experiencing the transformational impact of the Trivedi Effect® in her own personal life, Johanne followed her guidance to take part in science research projects to validate her ability to connect to the God of her understanding, harness Life Force Energy and transmit it to living organisms and non-living materials located across the world, changing characteristics that science believe to be unchangeable.

In time, Johanne realized her extraordinary gift and potential and recognized how blessed she was to have found such a caring, compassionate teacher like Guruji Mahendra Trivedi. She also knew this gift was not for her to keep!

To share her gift, Johanne created several innovation programs to help increase the flow of Life Force Energy in a person’s totality and improve their Quality of Life in all areas including physical, mental, emotional, social, financial and spiritual, supporting in the most personalized way possible their personal life, family life, and business life.

Johanne also provides an evidence-based option for the research and development community looking for innovative options for the pressing solutions they are tasked to find and stun their industry.

Personal Life

Innovation Program

Business Life

Innovation Program

Research and Creative Project

Innovation Program



After 5 years in business, for many reasons, it was time to let go and find a way to close the business and move on. Johanne explained to me that she could send the Business and me an Energy Transmission and that the Energy would help make whatever needed to happen easier and in my best interest. It’s like the Energy shined a light on everything involved in the business and within no time, the business had a new owner and I was relieved to move on with my life.  My husband also noticed the change in my attitude and mood.

Stella L. , Help with Business

In late September 2013 I was in the hospital for a routine operation.  A few days later my leg started to feel very sore and the doctor told me that it was a blood clot and without proper treatment it could be fatal. I called Johanne to explain the situation to her and she immediately suggested that she perform an Energy Transmission on me right away. A few days later I saw my doctor and he confirmed that the clot was stable and that I would be fine.

Rachel L. , Blood Clot

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