Life Force Energy Support Programs

The challenge with caring for others is that it is difficult to know what others need. Johanne designed the Life Force Energy Enhancement Support Program to help parents and caregivers provide support to the people that depend on them for their wellbeing and survival.

Johanne delivers the support programs during sleep when your loved one is most receptive. Better quality sleep, improved mood, increased appetite, and overall wellbeing are key factors to improved Quality of Life.


  • Assessment of the recipient

  • Introduction to novel concepts

  • Progress-tracking

  • Daily Life Force Energy Enhancements

  • Monthly follow-up calls with Johanne


While caring for others is rewarding, it can also be difficult to know what they need. Johanne designed this program to help parents and caregivers provide support to the people that depend on them for their wellbeing and survival.

All of your loved ones can enjoy this program? Children from birth to 11 years of age; youth of our world between the ages of 12 and 19; elders that have reached their retirement age; and other loved ones that require support.

All dependents have different requirements and challenges. Johanne considers young children more receptive to the energy while the youth–well they are in the teenage time of their lives and need different attention. The Elders need daily health support and other dependents may have specific needs that the intelligent Life Force Energy will recognize.

During the daily Life Force Energy Enhancements provided during the Support Program, Johanne will hold the intention to improve the Quality of Life on behalf of your loved ones. With the thought intention set on care, compassion, safety and love, Johanne will connect them to the God of their understanding during sleep to enhance the flow of Life Force Energy in their totality.

Life Force Energy will nurture your children and youth and lead them to become balanced, active, independent, and productive adults that will find joy in contributing to the world. The energy will support elders in the time of their life were their general health and well-being is more fragile and in need of support. It will also recognize the special needs of the impaired and will bring support that will cater to any specific need.

Nothing else can compare with Life Force Energy Enhancements to brings customized support to your loved ones. Nothing external will happen but they will sense at a deep level the love, caring, and compassion that comes from the God of their understanding and will experience a deeper sense of protection, support, and relief that will help them feel less alone in their world.

With the support of enhanced Life Force Energy in their lives, many parents report remarkable improvements in their children’s happiness, confidence, and self-expression. Other people report improved sleep, better mood, calmness, increased appetite, and report receiving physical, mental, and emotional support that seems to come in perfect timing. Also, thanks to the ripple effect, parents report experiencing greater harmony in the entire family.

$600 / Month

Support for Loved Ones

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Animals are very receptive to energy and will receive the Life Force Energy Enhancements with ease. It is not uncommon to see an animal with a sudden burst of energy following a Life Force Energy Enhancement.

$450 / Month

Support for Pets

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