Hi, I’m Johanne Dodon welcome to part 1 of “Innovate Your Personal Life” series.

I want to begin this series with my interpretation of one of the most life changing teachings, that my beloved Teacher Guruji Mahendra Trivedi, shared during the countless discourses he gave through the years.

Mr. Trivedi explained on countless occasions the importance of Self- Analysis or “Chintan”. The following is my interpretation of this amazing knowledge.

The main aim of doing a self-analysis is to discover our known and hidden gifts. All humans are born with inherent gifts and doing self analysis allows us to discover them.

After completing the assessment, you become a seed ready to transform and grow.

As a profession, I am a Business Analyst. I am trained to conduct research, ask questions, make observations, and to satisfy my client’s requirement for improvement, formulate and deliver recommendations to act.

Self-analysis and assessment are similar in terms of process. You need to ask yourself questions, you need to observe your life, your environment, your feelings, and your thoughts. After the analysis you will be in a better position to make decisions that will be right for you and act upon them.

A good assessment at the beginning can take 10-15 minutes. In a quiet environment before sleep, you go through your life from childhood and think about the people, the places, how you felt, how you were treated, what you learned, your skills and talents, what you liked and did not like, and move on to your teenage years, and to adulthood and the paths you chose, the decisions you made and the consequences. You assess your mistakes and your successes too!

Assess your life every night for at least 3 weeks. You find that during each assessment you will discover something new. Take notes about your findings if possible.

After a while you can use the same assessment for the last 24 hours to find out how productive you were and what you accomplished.

To find out if you uncovered everything you need to uncover, look at your situation again and if there is something you dislike; ask yourself why? What will happen, is that asking why will bring taught and ideas that come from your inner guidance, your spirit.

Be mindful about listening to your thoughts during this process. You will be in a better receptive mode to receive Divine guidance.

Many people find it difficult to conduct a self-analysis. Here are a few things you should consider:

  • Some people go to a great length to create a very convincing, positive sounding, cheerful cover to hide the darkness they feel inside;
  • People have been exposed to false truths all their lives. Their parents, teachers and society told them they were great athletes, great students, great signers, and great at everything. They never received the tools needed to find their true gifts. I believe at some level we all know–they are simply not easy to uncover. Most people enjoy the flattering and pampering they receive from others even if it is false.
  • Many people throughout their lives live re-occurring situations in relationships, friendships, health, opportunities, and finances. If you do not want the re-occurrences in your life anymore, you need to ask why they keep coming back?
  • The human cells are intelligent and can mimic behavioral characteristics. Better understanding your physical condition may guide you to learn more about yourself.
  • Understand that your ego will try hard to keep the status quo. Delusion is hard to self-analyze but with time you will succeed.

There are two options to consider regarding self-analysis, assessment and the choices we all have in life.

Option 1: Continue on your path and try to enjoy your life–it won’t last forever!

Many people prefer to struggle their whole life with 200 things to compensate for their reality. They say they tried everything when in reality they were playing a mimicry game trying to follow what someone else suggested or recommended. Many people are habitual of having others solve their problems and they willingly give their power away. This could be laziness, boredom, lack of self-confidence, lack of courage, and most times a simple lack of knowledge.


Option 2: Innovate your life and transform.

  • Discover who you are! Find out your strengths and weaknesses and own them. Ask yourself: What is my status? What wealth do I have? What risks are in my life? Who are my associates / people in my life? Am I happy?
  • Feel regret for what you did wrong and pride for what you did right! Make sure you honestly assess and understand your mistakes to avoid them.
  • Do not blame–it is not a good use of your time. Own what you have and look forward to a better way.
  • Recognize that your true gifts where with you all your life. The things that “rang your bells” as a child still do. Learn to nurture your strengths and gifts, find more pleasure in living them.
  • You will require patience to build your new foundation and the beauty; you will enjoy the process from the start.


Self-analysis will give you the right information about yourself. This is an accomplishment that will bring immediate relief.

For example, imagine you are having people over for supper, if you know what you have in the fridge and pantry, your drive home will be much more calm than if you have no idea what ingredients you have and what you will cook.

Successful people want to understand their accomplishments. They understand productivity, value of time, and value of money and at some level realize that success, satisfaction and happiness comes from Divine Grace.

What other factors should people consider during self-analysis?

Till next time!