Personally, I will forever be grateful for the extraordinary teacher that helped me discover gifts and abilities I did not know I had. By implementing the knowledge learned and trusting my own ability to access my internal guidance system, my life transformed!

Guruji Mahendra Trivedi is the founder of the Trivedi Effect®. He is renowned around the world for his miraculous and limitless abilities to manifest the Trivedi Effect into the lives of hundreds of thousands of people and absolutely thrill the international scientific community.

To date, over 250,000 people worldwide have enjoyed, improved connection to their own source of power which allowed them to transform their lives in the areas that needed it the most!

For years I searched for answers and ways to improve my life and my environment. I read countless books, watched inspirational videos, took part in wellness programs, healing practices, received personal coaching, business coaching, practiced meditation, visualization, yoga, mapping, and many other practices; the results were minimal and short-lived.

I had heard of major transformations in people after they received devastating news of non-curable diseases like cancer or reaching a state of being that was no longer bearable. Scientific studies confirm that people that participate in faith-based programs such as Alcoholics Anonymous and other 12-step programs that rely on the individual’s will to take part and surrender to a higher power have better long-term outcomes.1 For me, I felt frustrated with my attempts and wondered if transforming my life was just an impossible dream!

Today, as I look back and ponder my transformation, I recognize the difference between when I tried to change my life by taking brain directed actions that gave me little results, and when the actions I took came from my internal guidance system and resulted in a permanent change that transformed my life!

The National Institutes of Health Newsletter article “Making your Resolutions Stick”2 suggests that there are reasons people find it difficult to make changes stick, and even more important, to make changes sustainable.

Let’s examine 6 key behavioral factors that the experts say are necessary to achieve lasting change and look at those same factors from the perspective of what lead me to transform my life.

1. Make realistic goals!

To set goals with targets, numbers, and time frames one must use our intellect and our brain. Add willpower and emotion to the mix and you will create unrealistic goals that according to Dr. Linda Nebeling, people find challenging and “they can quickly become frustrated and give up”.

This energy–The Trivedi Effect works like the internet connecting everything to their life sources.” says Mr. Trivedi. As my energy increased, I felt no desire to set measurable goals. The intelligent energy knew what I needed. The only intention I had was to receive and understand the guidance, TRUST it was for my better good and have the courage to follow it.

2. Prepare an Action Plan

Making action plans with daily attainable activities completed for a certain time period at set time intervals require more than just planning to be long-lasting. According to Dr. Deborah Tate, obesity and behavioral researcher at the University of North Carolina, a person needs to “Think about why you want to make the change. Is it important to you, or is it mostly influenced by others—like your doctor, your spouse or a friend?”.

Guruji Trivedi says “True Transformation that leads to Happiness can only come through attaining a higher level of Consciousness, a deeper connection to the God of your Understanding.” I learned to listen to and trust my Internal Guidance System. My actions became inspired actions because I learned the value of patience and waiting for alignment. Now most of my life, aligns moment by moment for my greater good. There is nothing more personalized and effective than that!

3. Set up a supportive environment!

To orchestrate a physical environment of things and people requires a great amount of skill and knowledge about people and the world. The key is to figure out what you need and find the right people because the wrong people will discourage you, will lead you the wrong way.

With the Energy of the Trivedi Effect, I became a magnet for the right things in my life. Because my consciousness increased, my perspective shifted and the people around me shifted. I received insights and reinforcement from many sources as I needed! Watching aligned events unfold is truly magical!

4. Stick with it!

“Maintaining a change requires continued commitment until the change becomes a part of your life, like brushing your teeth or washing your hair,” says Dr. Nebeling. Although I consider myself a persistent, and determined person, no matter what I tried, I felt there were forces at play I could not fight against!

Because the energy worked on my behalf, the changes I felt were impossible before, became effortless. The changes felt right, they felt good, and I did not want to go back to my old ways. My life experience aligned with my core needs and any changes were easy to maintain and sustain. Any change soon felt natural as if they were always there and resulted in permanent transformation.

5. Practice self -monitoring!

Self-monitoring or tracking seems to be critical for almost every sort of behavior change” says Dr. Christine Hunter a behavioral researcher and clinical psychologist at NIH. No disagreement here, self-monitoring or tracking is key. I could complete the monitoring task for several days or maybe a week. After that time, I dropped the practice, and it was on to the next thing!

Thanks to Guruji Mahendra Trivedi I learned and adopted a Self-Analysis practice that helps me discover my internal strengths and weaknesses. Understanding the factors in play at the time and feeling true regret for past mistakes helped me become firm in my intention to never repeat those mistakes again. A high level of awareness of my thoughts and feelings let me self-monitor and know if I am going towards or moving away from my desire.

6. Plan for “Bad Days!”

“If you feel that your motivation is waning, think back and remind yourself why the change was important to you in the first place,” says Dr. Tate. It seems like the motivation fire needs to keep burning and constant reminders need to be in place as if something wiped the slate clean every night and everything needs to start over the next day.

With an increased level of Consciousness, I no longer see days or experiences as good or bad; I only see human life experience. The beauty is that because I am aware of shifts in my emotions, and feelings, I feel the experience unfolding and know to be more flexible and move with it. If needed, I take time out until I find my balance again. “Once this energy starts working, it continues working for you and never runs out,” says Guruji Mahendra Trivedi.3

The Trivedi Effect is a catalyst for transformation in its purest form. Mr. Trivedi increased the flow of energy in my totality by connecting me to the God of my understanding. This increase in Life Force Energy influenced my behavior which impacted my physical, emotional, social, financial, and spiritual Quality of Life.

The transformation allowed me to become the best version of myself. Now, I find joy in expressing my innate qualities, strengths, and potential.

True transformation can only come from within and to reach that place where true change can happen, requires the help of a dedicated and caring teacher.