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I was stressed out trying to juggle the many responsibilities that come with running a business, and I had the good luck of winning an Inner Guidance System Assessment from Johanne. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but Johanne helped me create a clear map of how I’m performing in eight key aspects of my personal & professional life. I appreciated that Johanne didn’t impose her own ideas of what my life “should” look like – instead, she let me define my own values and expectations, and she was incredibly supportive in helping me plan a path forward to the life I want for myself.

This assessment ended up being the foundation of my strategic plan for the coming year. The insights it provided have helped me plan to grow my business while also taking more time for myself. So often, we forget to invest in a strong foundation for our own growth – but it’s worth taking the time to do it right. Johanne is an amazing guide during that process!

Alex K.

After experiencing a past severe whiplash, I was referred to Trivedi Effect Healer, Johanne Dodon, for a consultation. As a client, I found her professional, knowledgeable and caring, in her approach, as we arranged blessings and times. Johanne mentioned the intelligence of this energy, and that is what was about to be witnessed! The first week, the area was less painful and stiff. However, a pressure point pain in both ears began to make itself known. It was recognized as a ‘healing crises’ phenomena that can happen in the healing process.

As this pain healed, the area of the injury also began to heal. My neck has become much stronger and flexible as this healing continues. I am most pleased with the outcome of Johanne’s transmissions and highly recommend her as a competent healer and transmitter of this amazing Trivedi Effect energy!

Shirley H.

I found Johanne on Facebook and again on LinkedIn. From there I found this webpage. When I called Johanne to asked about the Trivedi Effect and the energy transmissions, she was very professional, knew what she was talking about, and she has the science to back up her abilities. This energy is amazing. I grew, I learned about myself through clearer self-assessment, and I slept like a baby! True restful sleep is very healing.
While these are just a few of the benefits, I highly recommend Johanne Dodon’s program. Thank you Johanne, I appreciate you!

Nancy H.

“I have received energy from Johanne for ten days and I can affirm that she is an excellent healer of the Trivedi Effect, her energy is reassuring, soft and subtle, I have felt centered and without discomfort during this time. Thanks Johanne… !!!”

Carmen Teresa Castellano G., Enfermera

“Johanne Dodon is a compassionate, professional, and very helpful healer. I approached her for help with a sluggish kind of fatigue and weariness. We discussed my situation and she agreed to send me Life Force energy transmission for five days. After a week, I experienced a shift in my consciousness which gave me the energy to do my work with more clarity and a deeper sense of purpose. I am grateful to Johanne and highly recommend her. Visit her website for information on the range of programs she offers.”

Eileen M., Retired University professor
“Johanne Dodon has a very positive approach to her work with clients. She was reassuring and informative when we spoke on the phone. I explained the difficulties I was having and asked for her help with mental focus and energy level. This was during a time with an unavoidably high level of work stress that was negatively impacting me. Within 5 days, I could definitely feel the difference. My mind was calmer, clearer, and I was able to carry the same level of stress without the feeling of burden. Her work with me has shown me that the Trivedi Effect really is effective! I recommend her sincerely.”
Karen A., Health Care Practitioner

“I first contacted Johanne Dodon several weeks ago and requested her energy healing work. Johanne is a dedicated practitioner who will take the time to talk and listen, and the energy Johanne is transmitting through her work has such a lovely the quality of Delight – it reminded me of the wonder and open curiosity I experienced as a young child. It is a beautifully fresh and wonderful energy! The Trivedi Effect is truly amazing!”

Krista C.

“Hearing about Johanne and the energy transmissions that she provided sounded like a blessing! I had been looking for and was feeling a stronger desire for more overall energy and a stronger zest for life when I was referred to her.

After my first conversation with Johanne, she explained to me what the Trivedi energy was and what it could do for me, I knew immediately I wanted to start receiving it from her.

Since receiving energy transmissions from Johanne, I have so much more energy throughout my long days. I feel more relaxed and calm in every situation, things don’t affect me like they use to, and I feel more balanced and happy throughout my days. It’s like the fog in my head is now gone!

Johanne is very professional, she listened to my needs and desires and guided me with compassion and understanding. I would highly recommend her to anyone who wants to feel more at peace, happy, more energy, better sleep and a stronger connection to the Divine!”

Joseph F., Real Estate Sales
“After 5 years, it was time to let go and find a way to close the business and move on. The day before I was to meet with the landlord I spoke to Johanne about my predicament with the business. Johanne explained to me that she could send me, and the Business an Energy Transmission and that the Energy would help make whatever needed to happen easier and in my best interest. I appreciated that Johanne did not make any promises or gave false hope about the faith of the business.

The next day I meet the landlord and I was amazed at how everything turned out for the best. It’s like the Energy shined a light on everything and everyone involved in the business and within no time, the business had a new owner and I was relieved to move on with my life. “

Stella L. , Help with Business

In late September 2013 I was in the hospital for a routine operation.  A few days later my leg started to feel very sore and the doctor told me that it was a blood clot.  Fear grabbed hold of me and no matter what I did I could not shake the idea that I was going to experience the same thing that killed my soul mate a year earlier.   The doctors explained that it was not uncommon for a blood clot to form after an operation and without proper treatment could be fatal.

I called Johanne to explain the situation and tell her that there was a good chance that I would not be well enough to make our vacation that was scheduled a week later.  Johanne immediately suggested that she perform an Energy Transmission on me right away and again in the hours and days that followed.  During the night, I could feel something happening in my leg – I felt energy moving up and down – something was working.

A few days later I saw my doctor and he confirmed that the clot was stable and that I would be fine.   On that same weekend, I packed my bag and left for my vacation.  To my surprise and delight, I was able to go on several hikes including one steep trail in the mountains.  There is no way that I could have done this on my own.  I know that Johanne’s Energy Transmission was responsible for my quick recovery and was the source for the energy that removed the fear in me and gave me the strength I needed to do the things I love to do.

Rachel L. , Blood Clot

Johanne’s Energy Transmissions helped me live through tough times with my sister and Aunt.

After my father died, my sister and I needed to make major repairs to the family home before we could sell it.  Three years of arguing, re-doing work and fights put me in a state of high stress and exhaustion. During the last few months with raw nerves and short tempers I had to deal with my sister and several real estate agents. The Energy Transmissions that Johanne conducted on my sister and I worked wonders. The difference in both our attitudes and tones was very noticeable.  The Energy had a calming affect that allowed us to get along, stay focused, make decisions and get the house sold with much less drama and stress.  Thank you!

My aunt lost her husband several years ago.  Because of signs of Alzheimer’s and Dementia, visits were becoming very tense and uncomfortable.  Harsh language, insults, and arguments about her state of affairs were always unpleasant to the point where I was dreading ever going back.  Before leaving for my next visit I expressed to Johanne my fear about going to see her again.  Johanne sent us both an Energy Transmission and when I got there, it was like I was talking to a different person.  My aunt was pleasant, I was able to take her to lunch and talk about her affairs without any problems.   It was like the Energy soothed her.  Her fear and anger dissipated, and it gave me the patience and calmness that I did not have before.  Thank you!

Bernard D. , Relationship with Sister and Aunt

For years I was looking for a way to have a place of my own where I could keep my horses and get my possessions out of storage.  Johanne introduced me to the Trivedi Effect in 2010.  From the start I could feel that something was different about this energy and when Johanne started the Energy Transmissions last year, I could feel a change happening in me.   I could feel the energy working on years of pain and resentment and people around me started to notice a difference.

Johanne sent me an Energy Transmission just before I took my daughter on a summer vacation and it turned out to be the best time we had together in a very long time; amazing things happened that I cannot explain.  Everything was easy, comfortable, and fun.   Soon after, I was able to rent a home with a barn for my horses, a garage for my tools and a house for me to call home.

I can only say that the Energy Transmissions had a huge impact on me in many ways, helping me become the person that I truly am inside and from that state of mind and state of being everything else fell into place.   Thank you so much!

John D., New House