The IGS Solution™
Your IGS (Inner Guidance System) is the Solution!

Shining LIGHT on one of the most significant Human potentials: Our ability to CHANGE!

Climbing to the C-suite of your organization, your business or your life, with composure, calmness and certainty requires more than experience, intelligence, skill and determination.

Many have given it all, used every aspect of the conventional outside-in approach, just to find themselves burnt out and miserable.  The stress, guilt and uncertainty create an energetic pull that causes damage at the core and results in dis-ease in all areas of life.

The IGS Solution is a progressive inside-out approach that builds a solid, customized foundation where purpose in life, innate gifts and potential stand proud and prosper.  The Magnetic Personal Stature that results is transformational and life changing!


Step 1- Awaken your IGS: Your Inner Guidance System has always been there! It wants to awaken and work for you!

Step 2- Program your IGS: Eight critical elements form your IGS.  It’s what makes you – YOU!  The real YOU!

Step 3- Integrate your IGS: Like the GPS in your car, your IGS will guide and direct all areas of YOUR life.

The IGS Solution™ 90-day Power Positioning Program


  • Introduction to the power of your Inner Guidance System (IGS)

  • Assessment of your IGS and teachings on the fundamentals of Energy

  • VIP full day programming of the 8 elements of your IGS

  • Integration into all areas of life including daily practice and focused inspired action

  • Midway review

  • Weekly Support calls

  • Daily Life Force Energy Enhancements

  • Follow-up calls every month for 3 months after the program


I was stressed out trying to juggle the many responsibilities that come with running a business, and I had the good luck of winning an Inner Guidance System Assessment from Johanne. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but Johanne helped me create a clear map of how I’m performing in eight key aspects of my personal & professional life. I appreciated that Johanne didn’t impose her own ideas of what my life “should” look like – instead, she let me define my own values and expectations, and she was incredibly supportive in helping me plan a path forward to the life I want for myself.

This assessment ended up being the foundation of my strategic plan for the coming year. The insights it provided have helped me plan to grow my business while also taking more time for myself. So often, we forget to invest in a strong foundation for our own growth – but it’s worth taking the time to do it right. Johanne is an amazing guide during that process!

Alex K.


The IGS Solution ™ 90-day Power Positioning Program

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