In these trying times, it is more important than ever to connect!  But what does that mean exactly?

As human beings, we understand how important human connection is!

Being connected to a country, a community, a family, a tribe, our group of friends is important to us and we can feel the discord when circumstances force us to limit and restrain from being connected in that way. 

Many of us feel a deep connection to sounds in the form of music, chant, song, and the spoken and written word.

Many of us also feel a great connection to nature.  A sunny day lifts our spirit and changes our mood.  We feel the connection to the earth during nature walks in the forest or by water.  Our encounters with the Flora and Fauna of our environment give us great joy!

We feel connected to the night sky; we feel connected to the moon, the stars, the universe. 

We feel connected to earth, our home. 

Today, many of us realize and appreciate how important this connection is and how it adds to our wellbeing and happiness.  It’s palpable!

A connection less talked about however is the most important one of all!  It’s the connection that keeps everything else together.  It has many names including: Spirit, Creator, Maker, Universe, Deity, Higher Power and many, many more.  To keep it simple, the term used here is “God of Our Understanding”. It is the God present in all things!

For reasons known and unknown, humanity has learned how to pinch itself off of its connection to the God of Our Understanding that was flowing naturally at birth.  If you are looking for proof of this, look into the eyes of a child and notice how peaceful, certain and happy the child lives in the moment!  

If you are not a child, the repercussions quickly come to the surface in a time of crisis as we are living today.

When a human being has nowhere to turn, no solid ground, no foundation, it feels lost, vulnerable, alone, and fearful of the future. 

Under these conditions a person’s perception and Ego rule their thoughts, emotions, feelings and hope becomes depleted and the increase in fear ravages every pillar of life.  Not where you want to be!

The excellent news is that our connection to the God of Our Understanding is always there… we cannot lose it!

The mandatory pause we are all experiencing is an opportunity to do just that… Pause!  Reflect!  Ask questions! Acknowledge your fear of being alone, of being quiet or slowing down and living in the moment.

Acknowledge your fear of connecting and realize that the overwhelming flow of emotions you feel during this time are the feelings of finally coming home! 

The feelings you experience when you connect to the God of Your Understanding are not feelings of sadness… you are experiencing overwhelming joy!

That’s it for now!

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