Hi, I’m Johanne Dodon, welcome to part 1 of “Innovate the Life in your Research or Creative Project” series.

I want to begin this series by defining the role of Life Force Energy in Innovation and what Innovation means to me!

The internet provides several definitions of Innovation, including Merriam-Webster that defines it has “the introduction of something new- a new idea, method, or device.”

Oxford dictionary defines Innovation as “Make changes in something established, especially by introducing new methods, ideas, or products.”

Although I am not an expert on Innovation and the search results from Google count in the millions, I find that the term Innovation inspires progress, positive change and improvement to things and to people to better the human experience.

Let’s examine the mechanics of Innovation.

Based of the experts, there are three steps to Innovation.

First, you must understand the need. This is often from somebody not contented with the status quo! For example, imagine all the complaints that stopped after innovation brought us the automatic laundry machine.

Second, is to create a solution that will solve a problem or fulfill a need that people have.

The solution can be for something new like innovating transportation with the airplane, or it can be to improve and make something easier like innovations for the office with paperclips and sticky notes.


Creating a solution requires imagination.

Miracle happens at the imagination step. Unexplainable phenomenon comes into play and brilliant ideas, insights, visions, and clear directions emerge to lead the innovator to a creative outcome. This is Life Force Energy at work!

  • In The Science of Imagination TEDx talk, Jim Davies states that “Imagination seems to be one of the most illusive and mysterious things there is, impenetrable to scientific investigation”, he also suggests that for a computer to replicate the human imagination it would need a Database of everything everybody has ever seen.
  • This is interesting because it begs the question-Where do we get new ideas? Are humans accessing a source of infinite knowledge and possibilities? What is that source and how do we connect to it?
  • In another TEDx, Gregg Fraley’s “Creativity and Imagination,” says, “Imagination is the working stuff of creativity and creativity is the bridge to innovation, and that’s what we all want whether it is for business or for our personal lives.”
  • Mr. Fraley also suggests that for the best imagination you need to combine high awareness and high intention. You need to ask for ideas including asking yourself, your imagination, and your mind.
  • Creative ideas come when we least expect them! Often we get our best ideas in the bathtub, or after a nap, during a nature walk, taking a leisurely drive, and during brainstorming.
  • Connecting to nature or being in a state of peace, allows Life Force Energy to flow. 
  • Research and studies on imagination and creativity abound.
  • In the Harvard Business Review, “The Emotions That Make Us More Creative”, Scott Barry Kaufman sites many studies and says: “There’s something about living life with passion and intensity, including the full depth of human experience, that is conducive to creativity. In my own research, I found that “affective engagement”— the extent to which people are open to the full breadth and depth of their emotions— was a better predictor of artistic creativity than IQ or intellectual engagement.”
  • This supports my belief that individuals that get paid money to use their imagination to solve problems, and innovate to better the lives of people, are amongst the happiest people on the planet!


The third step is to act and implement the solution so it will be available to the people with the problem.

  • Needs are changing at an unprecedented speed. In business, companies like Amazon, Uber and Netflix in a short time revolutionize their industries and innovated everything from the way they market, to the way they deliver their goods and services.
  • People also want ways to innovate their lives by introducing new life styles, new routines, products, diets or practices. Trillion dollar industries fulfill this need!

Another way to consider the role of Life Force Energy in Innovation is to think about the answers to “What If?” questions.

I must warn you that contemplating the following questions may cause an unexpected increase in your desire to become an innovator!

For the Planet

What if, it would be possible to live in a modern world and enjoy clean air and clean water?

What if, we could find “Quality of Life” and harmony?

What if, it would be possible to feed the world and enjoy clean, nutritious food?


For industry

What if, we could make money by building and selling products and services that align with the better good of the people and the planet?

What if, we could leave a smaller footprint in the environment?

What if, it would be possible to do what we need to do and satisfy the shareholders too?


For individuals

What if, living healthy, balanced, joyful, meaningful lives were possible?

What if, it would be possible to live without the fear of job security, finances or the future?

What if, we would focus on possibilities and opportunities rather than impossibilities?


It seems that our brains are hard-wired for Innovation!

I believe the deep desire of humanity to advance and improve day-to-day living inspires humans to think, invent, create and bring innovative solutions to our world.

Life Force Energy fuels this drive, and our natural human role in this environment, on this planet, is to create, innovate, enjoy, and create again!

Till next time!


What are your top “What if” questions?